Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 months old

Little bird you're a quarter of a year old today! I simply cannot believe it. I don't ever remember time going by as fast as it does now that you are here. You have grown so so much over the last month in every possible way. You are such a happy baby girl with such a sweet and tender persona; I couldn't ask for anything more. Your smile lights up my heart each and every time I see it! I love our moments together and in three months time, I have forever tucked away so many special memories deep within my heart of us ... what a gift you are. 

At three months old, Blaykleigh ...
  •  is about 13-14lbs (according to our bathroom scale) and 23-24 inches in length 
  • chatters, desperately trying to have a conversation with us ... esp. when her daddy gets home from work
  • has started to grow a little bit more hair on the top of her head
  • still loves her baths at night
  • is in awe of the television and all the colors on the screen 
  • blows spit bubbles and drools constantly; needless to say bibs are her newest daily accessory 
  • is slowly starting to mimic things we do like: sticks her tongue and crinkling her nose 
  • loves sticking her hands in her mouth and anything else she can maneuver up in that direction
  • her acid reflux still rears its ugly head on an almost daily basis 
  • gets frustrated with her reflection while laying on her activity mat and gazing into the mirror after about 10 mins ... not sure what that is about
  • loves to be close to me esp. at bedtime; it never fails ... I lay her down to sleep and the moment I leave the room she will awake from a dead sleep and start fussing
  • gets rather impatient with "breaks" during her feedings and voices it quiet well 
  • smiles the world's best smile the majority of her waking hours
  • has the prettiest color of deep blue in her eyes and I hope they stay that color
  • is very entertained by her Black on White book (Thank you Hill family)

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