Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nellie Louise - 9 months

this sweet chickadee gained a whopping 7 oz over the last month weighing in at 15.14 lbs
she is 28 inches long
prefers rolling to crawling 
but can officially sit up like a big girl 
has 4 pearly whites and quickly working on more
was dedicated to the Lord this past month alongside her big sister
nani came for another visit
helped us celebrate her sister's 6th birthday
cheered her daddy on during his 3rd 1/2 marathon
granny and grampy came to visit for a weekend
loves bubbles
took her first trip down the slide on her big sister's lap 
started sleeping in her crib for naps and is doing well so far
still sleeps in the co-sleeper at night though
 giggles the sweetest giggle while in the swing


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