Thursday, May 30, 2013

Look Who's 2!

My eyes can't believe how fast you are growing my sweet bitty bird. It seems like yesterday I was holding you, staring into your big, deep blue eyes for the very first time - a moment I will forever hold close to my heart. You are so incredibly special to me and all those who love you. I have really enjoyed being able to stay home with you, never having to miss a moment, watching you become your very own person; quite the little firecracker I might add. For a 2 year old, your wit never ceases to amaze me! You are so very smart, on top of being kind and beautiful. You love to help your momma and are always asking "what's this", so curious of the big world around you. You always seem to think you have a "boo-boo" but the moment I kiss it, it's "all better"- melts my heart. Going to the grocery store isn't complete until you've serenaded the entire store some version of 'twinkle twinkle' at the top of your lungs, you seem to find this very humorous. Perhaps you will grow up and become a Soprano, the gift of music is such a beautiful gift from God. These last 2 years with you in our world  have been nothing short of wonderful. Your daddy and I love you to pieces and as the years continue to pass us by our love for you will only grow that much stronger. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet B! 
Love mommy and daddy.

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