Sunday, December 30, 2012

19 months

At 19 months old, Blaykleigh …

  • got to decorate her first round of Christmas cookies with her friend Jade! Although, there was more eating of the sprinkles and raw dough than decorating but she had fun nevertheless. 
  • spent a good chunk of the month of December in Colorado visiting family; it was our second trip there since she was born. 
  • joined in on a little "tacky Christmas sweater" partying! 
  • stayed in a cabin up in Silverthorn and got to experience snow and sledding firsthand. 
  • was sick a lot - cold, double ear infection, another cold and then got a nasty virus while we were in Colorado. We even had to make two trips to the Children's Hospital ER in one day -- that was definitely a first! 
  • had her first ER visit x's 2. 
  • loved getting to spend so much time with her cousin Kailyn while we were in Colorado! Those two together were so darn cute … until they fed off each other's tantrums, that wasn't so cute. 
  • took her very first trip to a Children's Museum while we were in Colorado. Had it not been New Year's Eve, perhaps it would have been slightly less crowded and more enjoyable. 
  • was completely spoiled from all who love her for Christmas, she got so many wonderful gifts from all of our family and friends! Definitely blessed. 

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