Tuesday, October 30, 2012

17 months

At 17 months old, Blaykleigh ….

  • is all about going "grocery shopping" in our pantry and putting small canned goods into her pink wire "grocery" basket, then carrying them around the house.
  • still loves reading books, most days she brings up one after the other to be read to her.
  • always wants to have a sip of your drink, once she gets one, she ends it with a smack of her lips and an "awwww" -- so refreshing! 
  • anytime she sees me getting undressed or dressed she automatically thinks it's time for a "baas" (bath) and attempts to pull her shirt up. 
  • has a new fascination with her belly button. Her finger is always in it! 
  • will not allow me to unload or load the dishwasher because she is constantly trying to either take the loaded dishes out or climb into it. That is a nap time task. 
  • still loves to color! When you ask her if she wants to color she will walk over to the cabinet where the coloring books and crayons are and sits down, waiting ever so not patiently.
  • is not good at sleeping in our bed. On those nights when she refuses to lay back down in her crib I bring her into ours … it always ends with an anatomy lesson.  As I am laying there trying to sleep, she hovers over me pointing to various body parts "eye, mous (mouth), aer (hair), ear" and so on ... (she is fascinated with my eyebrows lol). And if it's not that, then she is fiercely trying to shove her nuni into mouth -- she's a share-er.
  • likes to get her groove on! Dances her little heart out as she twirls around in circles. 

                      Her words
                       tenk you (thank you)
                       ba-ba (bottle)
                       kee kat (kitty cat)
                       choooose (shoes)
                       maaaow (meow)
                       baiiiiii (bye)
                       haiiiiii (hi)
                       no, no, no - yes she already knows the word "no"!
                       po-pol (purple)
                       naaan (nani)
                       doooug (dog)
                       bau-bo (bubble)
                       turt-o (turtle)
                       jeh-jeh (Jade)
                       nan-na (banana) 
                       bay-bee (baby)
                       yewwo (yellow)
                       doooous (birds)
                         -not sure how she got "dooous" from b-i-r-d-s?
                       peaz (please)
                       nuna (nuni aka paci)
                       mous (mouth)
                       aer (hair)
                       yet meh seee (let me see)

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