Monday, July 30, 2012

14 months old

At 14 months, Blaykleigh ...

  • started walking! That's right, we've had ourselves a walking gal for exactly one month and 4 days. And boy does she know how to get around. 
  • says "uh oh" a lot, like all the time, like no matter what it is ... the response is "uh oh". She is just too cute. 
  • said 'shoes' the other day although it was more like "choooose". 
  • loves to rock all her 'babies' as she pats them on the back.
  • will put anything and everything around her neck that resembles a necklace and walks around all proud like, i.e. the cat's shoe string toy. It's cute but scares me at the same time ... I do not want her to some how strangler herself, therefore I am quick to remove it and distract her with something a bit safer. 
  • got a set of plastic pink mini golf clubs for her birthday from a friend and loves them. She goes around the house swinging them like a "pro". Okay so no PGA Champion as of yet but you never know what the future holds and if Jason has anything to do with it then I best start learning to enjoy watching the sport. 
  • loves reading books. All day everyday she is bringing books up to me for her and I to look at and read. 
  • has learned to car dance! The music comes on and she starts bobbing her head up and down as she simultaneously clicks her tongue to her own beat.  
  • knows where our candy stash is. We have this glass jar on our bar that always has some sort of sweets in it. Well, I think she has seen us treating ourselves one too many times because now she walks up to it and points and says "buh buh buh", which is something she does when she wants something. I may or may not have given her a piece of chocolate a time or two (shhhh!).
  • is at the age where she dislikes hates having her diaper changed. It's not fun, for either of us. 
  • loves getting into anything and everything that she is not supposed to. She has plenty of toys to occupy her but the off limits things in the house are her fave ... like the honey jar in the pantry, she is obsessed with the honey jar! 
               Her words:
                 tenk you (thank you)
                 ba-ba (bottle)
                 kee cat (kitty cat)
                 nigh-nigh (night, night)
                 choooose (shoes)
                 maaaow (meow)

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