Friday, June 22, 2012


Summer days...
splishing and a splashing!

We met Jason for lunch at Johnny Carino's for Blaykleigh's real birthday!
Then she was smothered with birthday kisses by all. 

 Nani feeding B some birthday gelato.

 Nani kisses are some of the best.
We can never get enough ....
when those kisses have to travel exactly 1,076 miles to get here!

 While my mom was in town we spent one afternoon in Rockport and had a tasty lunch at Charlotte Plummers! Where we also got attacked by Sea Gulls (those things know no boundaries - just food)!
"Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine" - courtesy of Finding Nemo
All thanks goes to Aunt Marty for feeding them that one french fry to begin with!

 After lunch there was antique shopping to be done!!!!!

 Blaykleigh went to her first tea party! 
It was her friend Jordan's 1st birthday party.
 All the little girls there were so darling in their tea party attire. 

 A few "mini" bell peps from our garden! 

 Spent one morning last week at the mall where B enjoyed playing at the play area. 
There was a sweet little girl there that was around 5 that followed her around the entire time 'helping' her climb up all the sea creatures; it was really quite cute! 

 She was also fascinated by the fish tank at the play area. 

 Barnes & Noble ... we get Starbucks and B gets to test drive new toys.
 Cheap, easy entertainment for her & a little caffeine pick-me-up for us! 
Win, win.   

 Blaykleigh's friend Caleb came and spent the day with us. 
Went for a nice afternoon walk - this double stroller is the way to go if you have more than one kiddo that is for sure! 

 Puzzle time anyone? 
Jason & I bought a 1,000 piece puzzle while we were at Barnes & Noble the other day. After two nights of working on this we finally finish only to have ONE piece missing!!! (look to the far right about halfway down - the big black spot) Not the least bit frustrating. Nope, not one bit. 

 Black Sheep Bistro
My birthday dinner of choice. :)
I wanted to go to someplace new and this place was super delish. 

Happy 26th Birthday to me. 
Gah, why does 26 sound SO much older than 25???

 Our little neighbor Jade came over for a bit the other afternoon! 
Her and Blaykleigh play so well together 
were both mesmerized by Baby Einstein's The Farm for this pic.

 Happy Father's Day Daddy! 
Didn't Blaykleigh do an excellent job on making his 
golf cupcake! (wink, wink)

 Okay so November 26th, 2015 will mark Jason & I's 5th Wedding Anniversary! 
And in celebration of that, we have decided that it would be SO much fun to wait a few weeks and spend it in NYC ringing in the New Year! Super exciting right? Well I am, so much so I have already marked it on my calendar. Only 3 1/2 years to go :) 
Let the countdown commence! 

life rearranged


  1. Love love loved your blog update this week! Great pictures!

  2. Thanks friend. ... I am anxiously awaiting "my" new bump update from you! Coooooome on July 4th =D