Monday, May 21, 2012


Since I have been slacking on uploading pictures for "Insta-Friday", I am going to do a mass Insta-dump today! Just the usual, pictures of life around here over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

I am loving all the tiny cherry tomatoes that our tomato plant has been producing. They are so super sweet and juicy! This whole gardening thing has been so much fun :)

Getting the stink eye from the cats because I won't let them out on the patio. Such attitude! 

Blaykleigh hanging out in the Beco baby carrier while I do a little grocery shopping! 

The baby carrier did last very long (she normally loves it), so I ended up putting her in the cart with some Goldfish ... success! 

Fresh homemade salsa with homegrown tomatoes and basal!!! 

Haven't had to do any of this for just about two weeks and I am loving it. Come July I'll be back at it again but for now I am soaking in all the free time I have now that I don't have to worry about studying. There has been lots of party planning for a certain someone who is turning one soon!!! 

We got a ton, I mean a TON of rain. Our street turned into a river for a day. I totally didn't mind because the rain was much needed! 

Farm fresh eggs from some friends. They were amazing!!! One day I will have my own backyard chickens ... I will!!! 

Quiet Mother's Day lunch out at my Nana's. 

Blaykleigh and her great grandma aka Nana. Such a beautiful-souled woman. 

The ah-mazing Greek dinner Jase made me for Mother's Day. Greek grilled chicken, "Village salad" with grilled zucchini and tomatoes from our garden, grilled pita bread and humus. Delish and probably my new favorite meal!!! Thanks babe, I love you

Got my running shoes on ready for a little Beach-to-Bay relay marathon-in.  

The leg I ran was along the water. The view was nice but being that I ran the 5th leg, it was so ridiculously hot out that several times I thought I might pass out - thankfully I didn't but I did have a killer headache by the time I was done running. 

We got medals! I feel so accomplished now (wink, wink)

Our garden is growing so beautifully! Both Jason and I are having so much fun with it. 

Hot summer days = afternoon pool time! 

She is such a silly little girl these days! Love her to pieces. 

The first time I have ever seen a solar eclipse. Simply amazing. I heard the people living in West Texas got to see the whole "ring of fire" - when the moon completely covers the sun and all you see is the outer edge of the sun ... hence "ring of fire". That would have been pretty spectacular to see too!

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