Sunday, June 10, 2012

12 months old

You're officially a one year old my busy little bird!!! And my oh my how you've changed since the first day your dad and I laid eyes on you. Looking back over the past year, it's hard to even imagine what life was like before you came along but your presence in our lives has been nothing short of a true blessing. You are the sweetest little thing with a glimpse of a wild child shinning through you these days. You're always on the go and getting into everything you can get your hands on. You're not yet walking but I honestly am in no hurry; I am savoring your littleness because once you start walking you will be that much more of a 'big girl'. You get compliments all the time on your beauty by complete strangers and it is true, you are so beautiful my sweet darling. And as you grow-up, always remember that real, genuine beauty comes from the inside! This past year you have given me so many special memories that I have forever tucked away in my heart, you are so so precious to me Blaykleigh. I am excited to see how much you grow and become your own little person in the upcoming year.
Happy 1st Birthday!!!

At 12 months old, Blaykleigh ...

  • weights 21.2 lbs and is 28.5 inches in length
  • is very, very vocal these days ... if she is not saying the words she knows then she goes around the house repeating "ya-ya-ya-ya" with different fluctuations in her voice - such a silly girl
  • often times thinks she is a cat, always "maooow"-ing, playing with the cat toys and tormenting the cats
  • does not like her food to be mixed up, tofu nuggets stay with tofu nuggets and sweet potato fries stay with sweet potato fries - no "if's and's or but's" about it
  • has 6 top teeth (including her 2 first year molars) and 3 bottom teeth
  • still loves her evening bath time and to have her teeth brushed
  • dislikes peas, real chicken, mac and cheese, green beans, fish (unless it is a fish stick), potatoes (unless it is a sweet potato fry) and noodles of any kind - if you give her any of the above, she so daintily picks up the food and drops it to the floor
  • loves all fruit, american cheese, greek yogurt, tofu nuggets, oatmeal, cheese crackers, honey graham crackers, pb&j and her puffs
  • just started to stand up for more than a few seconds at a time (with help from us of course)
  • knows where her toes, nose and eyes are
  • will dance whenever she hears music
  • is excellent at sharing anything and everything she has (hope this stage lasts)
  • thinks it is so funny when you chase after her as she desperately tries to crawl as fast as she can away from you
  • loves playing with the other little kids in the nursery on Sunday and Wednesdays 

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