Friday, February 3, 2012



Last weekend we had a game-night with some friends. Game of choice: Canasta
I know, I know ... it's probably one of the more popular games in nursing homes but
it's sooooo fun! And Heidi and I dominated the boys which makes it even better. 

Nate was a little bitter after our big WIN. 

We had 'diy' pizzas for dinner! Thank you Heidi.


Caleb and Blaykleigh.

Play-date while parents had game-night! 

Already sharing! So sweet, right?!

Took this picture with my phone. It was an actual slide of ovarian tissue I was looking at through the microscope! Thought it was pretty awesome that my phone actually focused on the slide through the eyepiece lens on the microscope. 

Catching an afternoon snooze. 

Dinner one night last week. Pesto Chicken over Sun-Dried Tomato Rice. Super tasty and super quick (even better)!

She is a baby on the move these days. 

Ready. Set. GO!

Waving 'bye-bye'.

life rearranged

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