Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been awhile since I last did an Insta-Friday (almost a month to be exact) ... so here ya go! What we've been up to around here over the last few weeks. 

Have you heard of Banana Grams? Well I got Banana Grams DOUBLE (oh yea!) in my stocking from the husband! Therefore, there has been many games played since Christmas. 

My handmade "thank-you's" sent to our loved ones for all those wonderful gifts we got spoiled with.

Milk drunk. 

Jason's cousin Megan came for a long weekend. After we picked her up from the airport we went and walked around the boardwalk -- the weather was perfect. 

Meg and B!

Megan and I spend almost all of Sunday making Blaykleigh some new headbands ... she was in desperate need of a few new ones. Aren't they cute?! 

Goodbye kisses. Tear. 

Snoozing on mommy -- L.O.V.E. those moments!

Blaykleigh went to her first birthday party! 

Brighton (the birthday girl) and B.

i ((heart)) fresh flowers. 

I helped throw a baby shower for a good friend.
Baby Scarlett is expected to arrive on the 29th of February (a leap year baby)! Hurry up little girl, we're all so anxious to meet you!!! 

ooooooo baby butt!!! 

This girl knows how to get her splash on!!!


"You ain't got nothing on this hat Lady Gaga!"

My little lovebug. 

Sweet dreams little one. 

life rearranged


  1. If your friend has a Leap Day baby please tell her about The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies at :0) Thanks!

    Anyone can be born in a Leap Year. We were born on Leap Year Day! :0)

    I Leap, therefore I am,
    Raenell Dawn,
    The Leap Day Lady
    It's everyone's extra day, do something good with it!

  2. I will most definitely pass it along. Thank you!