Saturday, November 5, 2011

pics from Colorado trip

Rowan and Blaykleigh's Candy Corn "shoot"

Not to fond of the hat

Everyone but Blaykleigh looking at the camera

annnd that is a wrap; babies are not the easiest to photograph

crazy to think I started babysitting Lindsey when she around Blaykleigh's age, then the two boys joined the mix and now they are all so grown-up ... love this picture

B -"who are you?"

Kailyn - "immma gonna get you"

Nani with her grandbabies

Downtown Estes Park


Stanley Hotel 

Clayton, Sam and Kailyn 

first but not the last trip to Estes for B

Sunday brunch with some of my wonderful friends and some with their adorable babies 

snacking on leaves 

Gramps with the girls 

B with her G.G. (great granny)

crashed out on her Papa the Great

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