Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 30 days of thanks

Day twenty seven.

4. Thankful for Sunday lunches out at my Nana's house! She works so hard each Sunday to feed her kids, grandkids and at times great-grandkids (she has eleven of them!) a lovely home cooked meal. And it is so nice being able to get together with family and visit. 

She always says the best prayer too:

We thank thee Lord for happy hearts 
rain and sunny weather.
We thank thee Lord for this our food
that we are together.

(I plan on making this our meal time prayer for when B is a older)


  1. Awww.... Love this post!! Whitney you're such a great blogger... I will have to add Nana's prayer to our mealtime as well, and make it another Kimball tradition here in our home... Enjoy your posts!!

  2. Why thank you! I just love continuing and coming up with 'new' family traditions. Nan is so sweet & I just love her little prayers. Hope y'all had a nice Christmas.