Thursday, November 17, 2011


a peek into our week!

"does someone need a hug?"

"it's delish, this teething biscuit is."

"see! proof all over ma face."

"what do you mean it's allllll gooooooooone???"

"oh. hi."


flowers made me smile. okay they are prob weeds but nevertheless they looked kinda pretty sprouting between the crack. 

(hahaha) had some dental work done this past week ... my pucker was a tad off for a bit 
P.S. I can't stand the dentist but I have a new friend; nitrous oxide.

such a big, big girl

praising Jesus!!!

Mannie: You talkin' to meh?

"Mama! I do's your makeup for you."

So precious. Caleb and Blaykleigh. Thanks to Heidi, I have been able to go to my last two study sessions before my A&P exams.  

Yup, yup. She has been sleeping in her big girl bed. 

life rearranged

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