Friday, November 4, 2011


Blaykleigh happenings.

Us girls in the Stowell house had a day full of baking & B found a new toy ... measuring spoons!

She thought Mannie might find the spoons just as entertaining as she did, she was right on the dot.

All smiles after her nap in her (drumroll please) crib, you know ... the one that is in her room!!! This is a work in progress for us both, as in Blaykleigh and I. Jason and I would like to one day have our room and bed back to ourselves but just as much as she protests sleeping in her room all alone I myself am having a hard time cutting our all night snuggle-fests out. Except for nights like last night when all she does is scream then I desperately wish I could put her in her room to sleep. Again, it's a work in progress.

Such a happy girl. 

Snacking on toes and fingers simultaneously, talented girl.   

love, love, love
p.s. check out those lips, hehe.

Ha. This is her new fave face to make as she snorts like a bull out of her nose. Makes me laugh so hard.  (she is doing right now as I type as a matter of fact)

life rearranged

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