Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6 months old

Happy 1/2 birthday to you my little bird.

You are SIX months old today Blaykleigh. That is approximately one hundred and eighty two days ... 182 days. It's hard for my mind to grasp how you went from being just one day old to already reaching the half a year old mark. Six months ago today, your daddy and I got to give you your very first kiss; we've given you so so many since then that trying to count them is just silly. But little girl let me remind you how very much you are loved. You have made me a better woman. After all, I want to be the best mother possible for you - you are my little bird, my love, my life. 

At 6 months old, Blaykleigh ... 

  • weighs around 17lbs (again, this is according to our bathroom scale) and is around 28 inches in length (her 6 mo. check up is in a few days so I will update her actual weight and length then)
  • is quite the 'talker', she babbles and babbles and will throw in a "da-da" from time to time
  • started sleeping in her BIG girl bed, but when she wakes somewhere between 4-5 a.m. to nurse we spend the next few hours snuggling in bed together
  • has learned to sit up like a big girl, although still tumbles from time to time
  • loves sweet potatoes and really any food we have fed her thus far 
  • is starting to teeth, you can see where one day soon her two bottom teeth will be making their grand appearance, that also means she gets pretty fussy at times - but can't blame her one bit
  • is such a happy baby and loves everyone she meets, always leaving them with a smile 
  • gets super excited when she sees other babies, even if they are on the t.v. - I love seeing her face light up
  • still loves her baths and her paci or "nuni" as we call it in our house
  • isn't struggling as much as she has in the past with her acid reflux which is absolutely wonderful

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