Friday, October 14, 2011


~a little peek into our week ~ 

B got a new toy ...

and she finally talked daddy into buying her a swing! She got 3 new
'toys' this week: a walker, a jenny jump & a swing. She isn't
spoiled or anything, nope not one bit. 

Embraced snuggles from her daddy; buttering him up for her Christmas
list hehe. 

Aside from taking care of my little & cooking a meal or two, my week 
revolved around the above & below pic. Ignore the Magic book, that
was Jason's - he amused us with some card tricks one night! Good to know
that if this engineer thing he does doesn't work out, there is hope for him
as a magician. And the cup of coffee, my black magic - full of super powers 
and tasty spices! 


She loves holding fingers as she drifts away to the land of nod. 

Giving her rubber ducky some love. 

She was all smiles until the moment I took the picture. Go figure. 

Hanging out in her boppy. 

Nap time. This meant I got at least an hour of uninterrupted study time in. 

life rearranged

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