Friday, September 16, 2011

Pinterest Project

I have always wanted a cute spaghetti noodle jar or tin to store my spaghetti noodles. I have looked here and there but have yet to find one. On a side note, I did happen to stumble across a cute macaroni noodle tin at Goodwill awhile back and I love it but it's for "macaroni" and is too short for spaghetti noodles. So when I came across this pinterest post ... I figured, I, myself would make my own spaghetti noodle "jar" and I have to say, I am quite pleased! It was super easy, required minimal time and was pretty much free considering I had everything I needed minus the $.75 Elmers glue required for the homemade Mod Podge*.  


easy peasy lemon squeezy!

* Homemade Mod Podge: 
1 bottle of Elmers glue
1 jar with a tight sealing lid (I used a salsa jar)

Empty bottle of glue into jar.
Fill glue bottle with water and shake.
Pour water into the jar with the glue. 
Shake, shake, shake. 
And voila you have homemade Mod Podge! 

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