Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Picture Perfect "Monday"

Okay so I know today is not Monday but once again, school overtook my life at the beginning of the week so I am a few days behind on posting pictures of Blaykleigh. Any who, here is her most recent "photo shoot", all decked out in K-state apparel! Granny (Bonnie)  is going to send in a picture of her to the school so that she can be in the "Future Wildcats" slide show on the jumbotron at home football games. Just a tad over 3 months old and she will already have her "15 minutes of fame"!

*Please excuse the drool spots, there is an excessive amount of saliva in her mouth these days.

game face ... looking fierce  

classic B face

so smily
(i'm bummed this one is kind of blurry)

hitting the books

perfection at it's finest

she gave the stink lip when I asked her "now how do you really feel about going to K-state?"
juuuust kidding

still sucks on her bottom lip

my fave 

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