Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the bump update - in the homestretch!

35 weeks & 3 days

Well this will probably be one of the last "bump updates" being that as of today we have a mere 27 days at the most until we get to meet our precious daughter; the induction date has been set ... May 30th, 2011! I can't even begin to express the overwhelming feelings of joy I have knowing that she is almost here!!! 

By the end of this week (Friday, May 6th) Blaykleigh will be considered full term! She is now close to, if not already weighing in at 6lbs and is approximately 18 1/2 inches in length. She is definitely about out of room in her current home. Of which, I am constantly reminded of as she tries to maximize her space in there by stretching herself out; in turn leaving me with an achy ribcage, while at the same time hitting her head in very "low" places making it feel as if she may fall out at any given moment! Won't be one of my most favorite parts about being pregnant that I can assure you of. 

As far as my bed rest days, it has been almost a full two weeks since I have been "set free" and what a relief it is! Although I am still having contractions on a regular basis, my last protein test came back negative (a test that is supposed to detect if you will go into labor in the next few wks) and so my doctor felt comfortable enough to allow me a portion of my life back! Hallelujah and Praise the Lord. 

Jason and I are pretty much ready for her to come at any moment with hospital bags packed (just in case) and car seat bases installed in our vehicles! As for now, we wait patiently and continue to count down the days towards May 30th!  

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