Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams

So I thought I would share a laugh or two on here.

Pregnancy dreams are that of the STRANGEST dreams I think I have ever had! I read and have heard stories to expect something of the sort but never did I vision myself having some of the dreams that I do.

There is the every so often reoccurring dream of me nursing kittens; one after the other as if I am some type of milk making factory! The first time I had this dream, I was kind of embarrassed to tell Jason because it just felt so unnatural in my “awake” state of mind. But I ended up sharing it with him anyhow. After having this dream more than once, I decided to “google” it and found the following on –

“The presence of friendly animals — rare and charming creatures in dreams — is generally thought to represent a good relationship between the dreamer and his or her instincts. In the dreams of many pregnant women, animals are frequently cuddly and cute. Your feeling about the animal or baby reveals something about your attitude at the time of the dream.”

Thus perhaps me dreaming about nursing kittens isn’t so crazy after all?! However the strangest dream of them all might say otherwise. This dream started off with Jason and I enjoying a nice dinner out, when he asks me how the baby is growing and if she is happy. Without hesitation I take the knife off the table and cut my stomach open from side to side, pull Blaykleigh out of my stomach and begin to play with her right there at the dinner table showing Jason just how beautiful she is! Then as a few minutes pass I tell him it’s probably not good for her to be out this long and that it’s time to put her back in so she can finish growing. I promptly ask the waiter for some foil (yes I said it foil, as in aluminum foil) and when he brings it back to the table I carefully wrap her in the foil and place her back in my stomach! All seemed completely normal in my dream but when I awoke to the afterthoughts I couldn’t help but laugh as creepy as some of it seemed. Apparently putting her back in my belly to “grow” resembled something like that of baking a potato???  

      (This picture doesn't have much to do with the post, just thought it was cute.)


  1. It is so nice to know I am not the only one with crazy dreams!

  2. LOL nope Heidi you are definitely NOT the only one! ;D Hope all is going well for you, can't wait until y'all are back out here in a few months.